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Paul K. Benjamin
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Officer Wong

Congratulations to Officer Derrick Wong and the 16 other recruits that graduated tonight to become official Springfield MO Police Officers. It takes a person with great dedication, honor, respect, and kindness to venture down the path of civil service...but Officer Wong and his peers have what it takes to really serve and protect. On behalf of everyone who was there in person and there in spirit...we are all very proud to have you in our life! Be safe, be happy, and thank you for being the man you are...don't ever change. Enjoy these picture...for more click here.
Your Brother from an Assyrian Mother - PKB

Missouri - Day 1

I flew out to Missouri last night to see my very good friend and his family. The trip has been lots of fun so far and we have one more day of sight-seeing and picture taking in store. Tonight is his graduation ceremony from the Springfield Police Department...and I will have photos of that up tomorrow... please enjoy these glimpses into the Heartland.

Gumball 3000

Today was the start to the 10th annual Gumball 3000 Rally in San Francisco. There were 120 super exotic, high performance, and classic cars all revving hard and keeping the oil companies happy by racing around the globe. While the race kicked off here, it will end up in Beijing , China. The cars are all owned by seemingly normal people, with lots of extra money and time to dedicate to this multi-continent race. Please enjoy the short sample of photos below and if you are interested log into the client section of my website at www.pkbvisions.com and type in the password "gumball" to view all 300+ photos. I know you will enjoy them all!

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