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Natalie & Evan's Engagement Party

Natalie and Evan celebrated their engagement with their closest friends and family. What a great group of people! Although this was Natalie and Evan's event, the youngest members of the family stole the show more then a few times :-) The party was at Natalie's Auntie's house in Santa Rosa...what a beautiful place, the landscaping was perfect for an outdoor party. Congratulations and wishes of many years of joy to Natalie and Evan!

Sugarplum Elves

Today was an interesting day. I met five Elves (plus one Elf support engineer) in the Castro to shoot their St. Patrick's Day themed March 2009 calender spread. Don't ask too many questions, because I really don't have answers :-D. All I can say is these ladies are a class act...they sing, they dance, they even have day jobs! There are a total of eleven Sugar Plum Elves and they perform for San Francisco during Christmas time. They also produce a fab calender that is a collaboration of twelve different photographers, make-up artists, costumes, and overall themes. It's great and I am happy to have been chosen to support the thriving arts in this great City! Learn more about the Sugar Plum Elves on their community website. P.S. Thank you to the Diesel store for letting us climb to the roof to take some extra special shots!

imeem, inc.

Last week I had the pleasure of taking head shots of the top individuals behind the popular music community network, imeem. If you have not had a chance to try their service yet, take a moment and just sign up... you will love it! I was shocked how amazing the HQ offices were, so fun and relaxed...it's no wonder everyone who works there seemed so happy. Wikipedia has a great bio of their company and the technology behind what they do. To be honest, it is all a bit over my head, but I am a member and enjoy listening to streaming music on my MBP. As for the pictures, here are just a sample...I am sure you will see more of these very intelligent young folks in your local newspapers and webcasts, they are growing with leaps and bounds! Congrats to the entire imeem team.

The Torch

Whether you are a protester or supporter for the Torch running through San Francisco, you cannot disagree that what happened on 4/9 will go down in the local and national history books. With the support of the SFPD and countless other civil service men and woman, the Olympic Flame moved peacefully and swiftly along Van Ness Blvd, surprising almost everyone! I was thrilled not just because this was my birthday, but because I was able to get off work early and run along with it for its entire route, it was amazing and I hope you enjoy these pictures. I will post all 400 of them on my website, www.pkbvisions.com, under the client section with the password "torch". Good luck and enjoy!!


Sarah is graduating from USF (go DONS!) this May with a degree in Nursing. She is a very charismatic young woman who will go far with her new degree and I, along with many passer-byers, wish her the best of luck for the future! We really had a great time tooling around Crissy Field in Cap and Gown, the weather turned out great and the pictures truly express her sense of joy! What do you think? Congratulations Sarah!

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