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Paul K. Benjamin
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Christine & Adam

Someone is getting married! I am so happy to be shooting Christine and Adam's wedding later on this year...we spent the day getting to know each other and getting comfortable in front of the camera. This couple has it all...great chemistry, big smiles, and a willingness to listen to me :-D We had a great time and I personally can't wait to get them and all their loved ones in front of my camera again!

Giovanna - The Newest Big Sis

Congratulations are in order for a very special Cousin of mine!! Kristy and Giovanni just had their baby girl (after the Superbowl - thanks Ki Ki)... this is nothing new to Kristy and Giovanni because this is girl #3... but do you know what this means for little Giovanna?... She is now the newest big sis on the block! I took these shots of Giovanna earlier last month while Mommy was preggers..enjoy!

Cheng Family

Joyce, Tom, and their adorable young twins were an absolute joy to work with! We were so blessed to have a clear day in Alameda, CA for our photo shoot...everyone was excited to get out of the house and stroll around the park for a bit (myself included). Being a twin myself, I know the Cheng family will always be full of love and activity...best of luck to you all and I can't wait to shoot the kids as they get older!