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Paul K. Benjamin
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Barni Yoheneh is a very talented, young singer who currently resides in Turlock, CA. He is a great guy and was really flexible about the photos we took... I think we managed to make an old farm road look pretty unique...the sunset was amazing and I was thoroughly entertained by Barni's singing and guitar playing. Please enjoy the photos.

Playing with Light

So I am trying to expand my horizon... like my buddy Jason Lee... using some lighting techniques. I was playing with my iPhone and found a great app on there that acts like a really bright white (or any color really) light that gives a really nice soft illumination. I also played with a speedlight to see what the differences would like... I am looking forward to learning more about lighting and am always open to pointers... Thanks!

Image above is lit with iPhone (green)
Image above is lit with iPhone light (white)
Image above is with SB-900 strobe, 1/128th fired three times
Image above with SB-900, fired twice at 1/128th
Image above with iPhone light (red)

Golden Gate Bridge

Not much to say about these photos - other then there is a reason why the Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed structure in the City... just beautiful. For all of those who have never been to San Francisco, please come for a visit... for all of those who moved away, come back!

Family Dinner

This Easter, my wife and I hosted family and friends for dinner. The dinner came out great and we all had an awesome time. I tried to keep the camera down during the event (so I could help with dinner and enjoy the company) but some moments just needed to be captured. Grandma enjoyed playing the piano, our friends played an old fashion hard-boiled egg game, and I helped my sister get her new facebook profile photo :-)

The big winner - Jaime is so proud of his super egg

And this is why I sneeze... good ol' pollen

Easter Sunday on the Mountain

My family has an unofficial tradition of hiking up Mt. Davidson before dawn for the sunrise Easter mass. We all had a great time and my wife even ended up in the SF Chronicle! The sunrise was very dramatic and the imposing view of the Cross in the fog was breathtaking for all those who were there. Please enjoy!


Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., commonly referred to as Lamborghini, is an Italian manufacturer of sports cars, based in the small Italian village of Sant'Agata Bolognese, near Bologna. The company was founded in 1963 by businessman Ferruccio Lamborghini, who owned a successful tractor factory, Lamborghini Trattori. And for the record, you need a permit to shoot it in the Golden Gate National Reserve...for all the photos, please click here.


Kamala Harris is running in the 2010 CA State Attorney General race. I enjoy shooting political events because everyone is so passionate and happy to pose for photos... just like a wedding without the bride! The photos from below are from Kamala's campaign kick-off party. You can learn more about Kamala by simply Googling her or by checking out her profile on facebook.com. Check out her official website.

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