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Paul K. Benjamin
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Disneyland is one of those places that just fascinates me. The attention to detail, creativity, and artistic appeal are second to none...and it just so happens to be a simple one hour flight away. My twin sister treated me to this delightful trip, we subtracted twenty years from our ages and relived our youth for three magical days! Since we were little, our parents gave us the gift of "d-d-land", with our Mother helping us to point out the details that make this destination so special. It was great to spend this time with Lisa, thanks SIS!

The Central Valley

Earlier this month, I went to spend some time with family in Turlock, CA and Hilmar, CA. Both places are a big difference from my familiar City life: Almond groves and tractors take the place of sky scrapers and sail boats...but like San Francisco, the Central Valley is beautiful and very special. This is California's Heartland, with many generations of agricultural families and one of the highest concentrations of Assyrians in the world...I can't help but feel at home! There is just something wonderful about going into your cousins backyard and leaving with 10lbs. of sweet cherries.