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San Jose Assyrian Food Festival

I was invited to set up a marketing booth at this years San Jose Assyrian Food Festival... I had a great time and met lots of interesting people. Check out more of the photos here. My dear wife was wo-manning the photo booth for a good portion of the weekend. She did great and was finding leads left and right. These three woman didn't stand a chance... my wife is a charmer!


Every so often I need to light a match... it is such a simple action that I usually take it for granted. A still photo of fire helps me understand how amazing it really is.


My wife's childhood friend was in town recently to bring her children to see the King Tut Exhibit at the Cal Academy of Science which left a lasting impression on them. So much so that the kids wanted to bring a small piece of the exhibit home with them. Their mom bought them a set of miniature figurines from the gift shop... I sure hope they will enjoy them!


So I got a new pair of glasses today... and what better way to show them off then throw them on my antique (from childhood) stuffed bear and snap a shot. I think they actually look better on the little guy then they do on me... but I will rock them the best I can.


My wife and I took a walk tonight in the neighborhood and we both went equipped with our cameras. As you can tell from the photo, we were having a great time. We love living in San Francisco, and have made a pledge to each other to try to take advantage of all it has to offer while we can. So our advice to you, go out and jump around a bit when you can... it helps to keep everything in perspective.


It's amazing how the lines between City life and nature can be blurred at times. The local park down the street from my place is always so lush and green, the trees tower high above the good old American blue grass just like the two family homes tower high above the sidewalks. The fences help to keep everything looking neat and orderly, but add a sense of disconnection to the environment.


Christine & Adam celebrated their Luau themed wedding shower last night. It was an amazing event... live hula dancing, a whole roasted pig, and awesome friends and family. Christine was almost overcome with emotion as her mother and father thanked everyone and expressed their heartfelt appreciation and love for their only daughter and future son. See all of the images here: www.pkbvisions.com/client/christineadamluau


This is an image of a statue depicting the image of Ashurbanipal, the last great king of the Assyrian empire. The statue is located along the side of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, however it was erected there while the building was used as the main public library... and strong reference to the Assyrians influence on public record keeping.

I am of Assyrian heritage and am proud to know that my family helped bring this statue to San Francisco as a memory of a great population without a country. Learn more about Ashurbanipal here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashurbanipal


And what if the signs are wrong?


This little lady was all smiles... she was most interested in the batch of double dutch chocolate chip cookies my wife was baking in the oven. A bit of advice... always cherish a child's smile, it is the most pure expression of joy I have ever photographed.

Kamala Harris at MR. on 8.17

The SF Young Dems community came out in force to show their support for DA Kamala Harris's campaign for Attorney General of CA for 2010. Check out all of the photos by clicking here.

Party Bus

My pal Ben @ Events West, LLC is the king of chartering out these world famous Cable Car-inspired party buses in San Francisco. He called me up to snap a few shots of the fun & unique transporter to help show potential clients what they could be experiencing. If you ever get the chance, call up Ben and rent one of these beauties.

Summer in the City

So we finally had a few warm days in a row in San Francisco and what does my wife decide to do...

Assyrian Heritage Clothing

When I heard about Assyrian Heritage Clothing, I just had to meet the owner and offer up some photography services... I am sure glad that I did! Christine Faulkner started her company a few years back as a way to express herself and her pride in our shared Assyrian background. She is doing great things with her business and I am happy to play a small role in it's natural progression (plus I got some super awesome shirts - thanks Christine!)

Please enjoy this small sample of the 2010 clothing line, to be featured for purchase shortly.

Assyrian Wedding

I had the pleasure of shooting an absolutely stunning wedding for Jamie & Allen last month. The pure joy and love that surrounds this beautiful couple is something wonderful to photograph. My good friend Jason Lee shot with me for the day and we both had a great time. Assyrian weddings are like no other... they are a non-stop party from noon until midnight. Enjoy!

The Perfect Summer Cars

I had the pleasure of shooting (and driving) some pretty slick exotic convertibles this weekend. There is really something amazing about a car that is engineered to the level that these two are. I know they are not as green as some other options out there, but wow these cars are fun to drive... enjoy!

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