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Paul K. Benjamin
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The Black College Expo - 2009

The United States is truly the land of opportunity...each individual has the ability to live their life to the fullest form that they can possibly imagine. For some, this includes becoming a doctor, writing a novel, becoming President or flying to the moon. What ever your dream is, you must have the proper foundation made up of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Groups like the thecollegeexpo.org orchestrate amazing events that help bring college opportunities to the youths of America. With instant scholarships for 4.0+ g.p.a. high school transcripts and instant admission into sponsoring colleges, these young people are given very few reasons not to excel in life. This successful organization helps to reward these ambitious young students with some of the most popular hip hop entertainment, a step show, and the most impressive drumline presenation I have ever seen. It was an honor to be in the presense of such talented, creative, and ambitious young people. Theresa Price, the founder of thecollegeexpo.org, and her supporters are helping make dreams into reality for America's youths. Please click here to see the full coverage of the 2009 Oakland Black College Expo.

Milky Way Galaxy

My wife and I went to the California Academy of Sciences (which you should go to if you have a chance) and ever since that 30 minutes in the Planetarium I have been fascinated with the night's sky. I took this photo last night of the Milky Way Galaxy which was visible with the naked eye last night from my backyard. I love it!

Full Moon of Jan. 11

I was walking out of my house on Jan. 11th and looked at the ground and saw this shadow being cast as if it were late afternoon...I then looked up at the sky and saw the brightest Moon that I have ever laid eyes on. I immediately went back into the house, grabbed my gear and took this amazing (at least I think so) shot. I never knew the Moon looked like this!

Birthday Bash

My wife turned "?" this past weekend...to celebrate the occasion I set up a full size photo booth to capture images of all her loved ones that made this party so wonderful. I was thrilled to shoot the night away, helping people shed their shyness and just let loose - the whiskey sour helped.

Tamara in New York

Tamara and I had a great time taking in the sites & sounds of New York City...the cold weather allowed us to bring out all of the warm winter clothes (something we hardly ever do here in San Francisco). I was blown away out how busy every block of New York is...I could not find a place where there was an absence of action. I did my best to capture the fast pace in the following photos.

Images of New York

So sorry for the delay on getting these images out...I have finally defrosted from my recent trip to the East coast to visit family. New York has a beauty of its own, its grand scale is second to none. While the weather was too cold to live in, I was able to break out to take some photos (even with the snow gloves on). I hope you enjoy!

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