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Tennis Time

FYI - this is post #100! And what better post then my wife and sister in law duking it out on the courts in New Jersey :-D I don't even think they were keeping score, especially when Max interrupted...enjoy!

Uncle Arthur's Tree

This was a quick shot of Uncle Arthur's tree in New Jersey... it has become a tradition for me to shoot this tree in creative ways... I was able to get close this time because the weather was so nice :-)


Philadelphia was the third location that my wife and I visited. When you are there, you can just feel the age... this was something that made me feel compelled to shoot in all B&W. Enjoy!

Riding Shotgun in New Jersey

This is part two of my East Coast adventure from earlier this month. All of these photos were taken from the passenger seat while cruising around The Garden State. I was having a great time taking in the scenery and hope you enjoy.

New York

I am finally getting around to posting some of the pictures I took while on vacation with my wife on the East Coast. This was my first time in the area outside of Winter and I was thrilled to enjoy some nice weather. I do admit that it was pretty hard to remember the harsh frost when walking around NYC in shorts and a tee while in search of the perfect Italian Ice. Enjoy these snaps, I shot them all with my new wide angle :-)

Emma & Sopfie

"OMG! So cute!" I know that is what you are thinking... This adorable set of twin girls were an absolute pleasure to shoot, they were all smiles and cute as can be. Mom and dad picked out the perfect clothes for them too! Please enjoy.

Larry and Stephanie

It's amazing how people's personalities emerge as you put them at ease and start taking photos. I have known Larry for a few years on a professional level, and never knew that he was so playful! He is also in love, which makes a big difference on how people see the world and how they are seen in the world :-D Larry and Stephanie were an absolute pleasure to hang out with and we all had a great time running around the Golden Gate Bridge area of San Francisco on a breezy afternoon. I am blessed to share in these amazing moments with my clients/friends and am always thankful to be able to take part in documenting the love.

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