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Paul K. Benjamin
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Sarah's Graduation Ceremony

Sarah did it! She just completed her degree in Nursing at USF, and shared her wonderful achievement with family and friends that traveled from all across the country. Everyone was so proud of her and I was honored to be a part of the moment. Sarah and her Mother, Suzanne, were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to more special event coverage down the road. Congratulations Sarah!!

We Be The Echo

We Be The Echo is one of those bands that make San Francisco so special. They fill up the many small-ish venues with huge sounds of music and crowds cheering. I had a great time covering the band last night (I can't seem to get this ringing noise out of my head tho...), they are very gifted. They play a wide array of music that is best described by: lots of wild noise with smooth harmony tying it all together! If you can't imagine what that is...just go see them live, you can catch a list of their upcoming gigs here.


Los Angeles is one of those places that just loves to be photographed. It seems as though the palm trees all lean together into the frame, and the sunlight splashes everyone and everything with a magical glow...or it could just be the smog. Whatever the case, my wife and I had a great time on our trip to L.A. We stayed in Santa Monica and traveled into Downtown L.A. to visit the museums, Disney Concert Hall, and some family. I hope you enjoy the pix, in them you will see what I thought were L.A.'s "good side"... stunning architecture (old & new), palm trees, the farmer's market, and the Santa Monica Pier.