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S.F. International Car Show

For the last several years I have been going to the San Francisco International Car Show after Thanksgiving dinner...the walking helps to digest the turkey and stuffing (pumpkin pie, too). This years show was great, all the presenters were doing their best to stay positive with the obvious global economic downturn...the cars were all over the top (thank you Nissan) and there was a steady crowd of enthusiastic patrons. I only got a handful of pictures because I was too busy jumping in and out of the cars. For the record, everyone in my party really enjoyed the Audi's display...they let the general public toy around with their premium $100k+ A8 luxury sedan. Drool.

Foggy San Francisco

I was fortunate enough to be in the Twin Peaks area for a beautiful SF sunset and snapped off these photos...I am always impressed with how quickly the fog can roll in and burn off in the City, right before my eyes (and camera) the fog disappeared to allow the last 20 minutes of daylight to make San Francisco glow.


Amélie has made her official United States debut! She is absolutely precious at 10 months young and is just a joy to be with. I have been looking forward to meeting her since she was born...Amélie is the first daughter of my very dear friend's Johan and Irma, who now live in Sweden. I miss them all very much, but was so happy to capture some very special shots of thier little miricle. Enjoy!


My Mother had a great party to celebrate her 30th work anniversary at the phone company. All of her friends are just like family...we all had a really fun time. In between great conversations, I snapped these shots...enjoy!
To all of those that made it to the party, thank you for coming and we hope to see you soon. For those of you who were invited and could not make it, you were missed.


This is a salute to German engineering...the BMW M6 is just one of those cars a general population can appreciate. My friend Marc just got it and I jumped at the chance to take photos of it this weekend when we had yet another day of remarkable weather. The car is like a piece of moving (very fast moving) art...I hope you enjoy the photos.

Fogless Bridge

It is so rare that you can actually see the Golden Gate Bridge at night time...it is even more rare that the sky is full of diamond like stars at the same time. Well, tonight was that night...and even though I am knee deep in other projects, I had to grab the camera and head out to shoot. As you may already know, I try to capture the 'not-so-obvious' beauty that exists in my photos...but this time I had to just take classic tourist shots of the Bridge. I was so taken by the beauty of it's grace and steady glow. The reality is that this international icon needs to be photographed in all its glory. Please enjoy...and if you happen to live in San Francisco, tonight is the night to be outdoors.

Fort Point Pier

San Francisco has one of the most unique coastlines...not only is it rugged and natural in some parts, it has these intriguing piers that jet out into the abyss, especially in the nighttime fog. I took these photos in dark, with only the moon used for off-camera lighting.

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