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Paul K. Benjamin
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The Torch

Whether you are a protester or supporter for the Torch running through San Francisco, you cannot disagree that what happened on 4/9 will go down in the local and national history books. With the support of the SFPD and countless other civil service men and woman, the Olympic Flame moved peacefully and swiftly along Van Ness Blvd, surprising almost everyone! I was thrilled not just because this was my birthday, but because I was able to get off work early and run along with it for its entire route, it was amazing and I hope you enjoy these pictures. I will post all 400 of them on my website, www.pkbvisions.com, under the client section with the password "torch". Good luck and enjoy!!


Unknown said...

What great shots. I am so happy you were able to witness such a historic moment. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. <3

Unknown said...

these pictures are amazing! thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Love em I cant wait to see the rest !!!!